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TML Monthly Wellness Membership

  • SUPPORT & GUIDANCE Weekly Zoom calls AND Weekly support via Private Access Facebook Group to guide you in your journey to releasing what’s holding you back
  • RITUALS & GUIDED MEDITATION Welcome ritual with guided meditation and intention setting at the beginning of each month
  • PLUS discounts and presale for upcoming workshops & courses!!

Curious about TML Wellness but not sure if it’s right for you? Schedule a free chat! We’ll check in on your wellness together and see if this is the right program for you.

Bring Your Energy Back to Center

You are always manifesting your reality and you’re either working in partnership to do so or you’re not. When we identify what it means to be mindful—bringing full awareness to not only each moment, but the trajectory of the whole—we’re able to clearly see patterns, avenues, and barriers that contribute to our manifestation. 

Working in Partnership with Purpose

Radical responsibility is the key to embracing all that you have control over and releasing all that you don’t allowing you to work in partnership with your purpose and manifest your reality with intention. 

Believing we have more control than we do, leads us down self-destructive paths and into toxic relationships. Believing we have less control than we do gives others more influence over our lives resulting in seemingly inescapable suffering and misfortune.  

Which leads to patterns of giving too much, holding on to too much, and sacrificing too much. 

So, if you feel like you’ve lost your center of gravity… 

Like you don’t know who you are… 

And like nobody can truly see you… 

It’s Time to Let Go

  • Identify your areas of suffering, with someone who’s willing to see you clearly  
  • Name your feelings and needs with specificity so you can get them met faster and with less resistance  
  • Engage in the practice of releasing thoughts, opinions, judgements, and stories of others 
  • Unravel yourself from toxic people, relationships, and situations 
  • Learn about your own limiting beliefs keeping you imprisoned by your emotions  

Explore Instruments of Focus 

  • Precious gems, crystals, stones 
  • Yogic oracle cards 
  • Histories of the Gods and Goddesses 
  • Buddhist practices, principles, and stories 
  • History of yoga, Patanjali, and the Yoga Sutras 

Cultivate Feelings of Connection

  • Explore and question the purpose of instruments of focus 
  • Open yourself to inner guidance and direction through practices of stillness
  • Identify self-trust and codependent behaviors that obstruct your ability to trust yourself fully 
  • Access feelings and meta feelings to process them and open the doorway to inner peace and stability 


Ground Yourself with Spiritual Wellness

You are the awareness in which all things are arising. You are the witness. It’s ok if you struggle with identifying your purpose in life, it is so great. 

That anything is witnessed at all, is magic, and you are a holder of magic. Of spirit. Here is where you are encouraged to take good care of that responsibility.

Spiritual wellness is the foundation of all wellness practices. Without surrender; admission of powerlessness, and acceptance of purpose, we lose touch with why we practice wellness at all. 

Without wonder and awe at our very presence, we disconnect with what it means to explore it. 

Without keepers of time, everything happens all at once, or equally, never at all. Allow yourself to be an explorer of your own time and space 💫 

You are magic in a bottle. Center yourself in that truth.

Yoga Class $5

Interested in checking out TML’s Wellness Membership before committing? 

Get your first yoga class, Balance & Breath, for just $5

Workshops | courses | books

5 Day Boundary-Setting Workshop

Find out where you could use strong, healthy boundaries in your life. 

Turn up that inner voice to clearly identify your feelings and needs. 

  • Access your power, release others
  • Set effective boundaries that stick with loved ones, friends, and coworkers 
  • Learn tools and practices to incorporate boundaries into new and existing relationships  


This workshop is currently closed but you can get the workbook now for $9

21 Day Real-Life Reset

Transform your life in 21 days. 

It takes 3 weeks to build a sustainable habit.

Commit to this course and you will transform:

  • Your relationships
  • Your motivation
  • Your success path
  • Your perspective 

Starting where you’re at and laying out the steps that will take you exactly where you want to go.

Activate your transformation for 2024.


Relationship Redesign 

You have a relationship with people, places, food, feelings, habits, work, yourself, and more. 

Uncover how to redesign your relationship with:

  • Your family
  • Your friends 
  • Your job 
  • Food 
  • Coping mechanism 
  • Your self 

When you evaluate your relationship with certain aspects of your life, you can find the toxicity that’s holding you back. 



Reach out for a private yoga consult. Virtual and in-person available. 

  • Private group yoga 
  • Corporate yoga
  • Retreats, Workshops, Events
  • Speaking opportunities 
  • Press inquiries

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