Support for Your Relationship with Self & Others

21-Day Real Life Reset

The 21-Day Real Life Reset is a transformative course combining therapeutic principles with life-coaching practices to help you navigate your healing journey in a sustainable framework. Walk with me step-by-step through reclaiming your time and building the life that feels right.

The System - Yoga for Family Values

Define your family’s goals and values. Improve communication. Create a healthy, happy, family system.
Watch the video to find out what kinds of tools will support your family with The System.

The Boundary Setting Workbook

Discover the boundaries you need to feel at peace. With this 5-day outline, you’ll have the framework you need to set strong, healthy boundaries in your life.

The Relationship Plan

Develop a plan to feel close and connected with your partner. Planning isn’t about following every step exactly, it’s about finding your groove in working together, getting to know your communication styles, and practicing your responses.

Relationship Check-in Questions

Feeling disconnected or distant? Find out how you can easily reconnect with your partner and get to the root of what creates the wedge. These questions will open the doors to intimacy,  improved communication, and more.

The Conflict Plan

Does your partner get defensive? Do you struggle to keep your cool? Does every fight turn into a rehash of every problem you’ve ever had? If that happens to you, you need a plan. The Conflict Plan helps you keep your arguments in bounds and focuses on the end-goal; resolving the problem at hand.

Mindfulness & Manifestation

Join the FREE Facebook group and connect with like-minded individuals who are working on their own emotional healing journey. Discover what it means to use mindfulness and see what you’re already manifesting in your life right now.

The Pursuit of You Podcast

Check out the Pursuit of You podcast where I discuss all things emotional healing journey. Learn about real tools, real change, and sustainable transformations.

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