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The Midday Latte's Quarterly Subscription Box


What’s inside… 

To support your Self-Care Rituals, The Midday Latte offers a quarterly subscription box that includes a variety of carefully selected items to help you feel comforted and encourage continued self-exploration.

What you can expect in each box:

  • 13 carefully selected items to support a comfortable and welcoming ritual practice
  • Words of encouragement, affirmations, printed quotes, or handwritten notes
  • Yoga practice recommendations
  • Breathwork practice recommendations
  • Journal prompts

Specially included in each Welcome box:

  • Self-care checklist
  • The Mood Wheel
  • The Commitment to Self

TML’s Subscription Box Items will include the following and similar:

  • soaps
  • candles
  • lotions/sprays
  • mugs/tumblers 
  • crystals/gems 
  • fuzzy socks 
  • stickers/bookmarks
  • bath bombs/salts/bath crayons
  • specialty pens

Each quarter, your ritual items will arrive, gently packaged and ready to support your coming season. Every box is curated especially for the season ahead to help you feel aligned and connected.

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