Self Care

5 Ways We Stop Ourselves from Being Happy

Here’s how you can start prioritizing happy. Personal happiness is not our default human state. It takes work, commitment, and self-discipline. Otherwise, we can easily give ourselves away to others, much more than we give ourselves to ourselves. Personal discipline allows us to value ourselves—and our own voice—enough to discover our priorities, then protect them […]


Where Have You Put Yourself on the Self-Worth Scale?

Do You Know Your Self-assigned Self-worth? Most of us would say we do. We believe we know our self-worth and we often demand to be treated, paid, or acknowledged in accordance. The problem with tallying up our worth this way is that it’s mostly associated with conflicts, with the value people have assigned to us. […]

Self Care

Enforcing Your Boundaries—Even When You Have No Choice

You’re Placed in an Impossible Situation Imagine for a moment you’re in a conference room full of people—maybe you’re the only woman, an entry-level employee, new to the workplace, or in some way feeling slightly or perhaps overtly othered. A colleague or manager addresses your performance in front of the entire conference room. Maybe you’ve […]

Self Care

5 Hurtful Truths About Establishing and Enforcing Healthy Boundaries 

Establishing boundaries is for you, it’s for your personal health, wellness, and happiness. Enforcing boundaries you’ve established can impact the people around you differently. It’s important to remember why you chose to establish your boundaries and how they help you reach your ultimate goal, of living an authentically happy life. Realizing these truths will help […]

Self Care

Why Nobody Respects Your Boundaries

Establishing personal boundaries is essential to achieving personal happiness and success. If we allow other people to dictate what, when, or how we do something, or which of our values or priorities are important, or what kind of behavior we tolerate, we start to lose our sense of self. This can lead to depression, resentment, […]


Is Your Family Routine Even Working?

When you think of your family routine, how would you categorize it? Hectic? Exciting? Organized? We often believe that our lives just become the way they are and we live in response to the activities that happen to us, we live reactively. Happiness is a result of intentional, proactive living. Establishing routines or habits help […]

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