About Me

Hi, I’m Joscelyn

Master Mindfulness Practitioner, Trauma-informed Yoga Instructor, and Certified Ritual Guide. 

Working along my own journey to feeling real, sustainable happiness has included journaling, meditation, yoga, therapy, and practicing self-awareness. 

As a mom of 4 kids, I live on lattes, chocolate, reruns of Friends, and any and every Hallmark Movies & Mysteries series.

Why I Started The Midday Latte

The middle of the day is a busy time. It’s not always convenient to take a break and focus on yourself. But what happens when you stop focusing on yourself? You fall out of alignment with your goals and values. You lose sight of your inner self and all of the things that bring you true joy and happiness. 

You deserve to feel happy, safe, and secure. You deserve to feel in alignment. 

Taking time to care for yourself is hard. Maybe you put it off because you think you have more important things to do, perhaps more important people to take care for? (ah, nobody’s more important than you, babe!) 

Maybe you convince yourself there’s no time, or benefit to slowing down and sitting with yourself. I’m here to tell you…

You do have time to listen to your thoughts, feelings, and needs. It doesn’t have to take all day. It doesn’t have to inconvenience the rest of your life. It can make your life better. 

Checking in, only 10 minutes, like a quick middle-of-the-day latte, keeps you on track, in alignment, and in the driver’s seat of your life.

Committing to 10 minutes of self-reflection everyday will bring the clarity you need to feel happy, safe, and secure. 

Self-care is as necessary as water and oxygen but people don’t always prioritize those things over coffee. 

So, I offer you a latte instead. 

What You’ll Find

Here’s what you’ll find ☕️

Weekly content exploring how to identify your deepest feelings, break out of old habits and patterns, and communicate your needs in a healthy way via:

  • Blog
  • Podcast
  • Newsletter

Each newsletter will be a curation of the weeks content as well as additional resources I’ve found to be helpful in my own journey.

If you want interactive content, I will be posting journal questions and deep-dive content on Instagram and Facebook.

Thank You

Thanks for joining me on this journey. I look forward to the growth we’ll share along the way.

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