Hi! I’m Joscelyn…

I work, wife, and mom full time. I’m smitten for life hacks & shortcuts, tips to save time & money, and ideas to keep my family organized.

Here at The Midday Latte I’ll share with you all of the ways I manage my family while always fitting in ‘me time’ and self-care without the #momguilt.

Why I Started The Midday Latte

The middle of the day is my favorite part of every day. The hectic morning routine is over, the busy nighttime tasks are hours away, kids are in school, commuters have arrived at work and everyone has settled into the day. 

From the beginning of brunch time right up to the end of lunchtime, that’s the sweet spot. The spot where I can take some time to reflect and set my intentions.

A lot of people like to do this in the early morning hours or late at night before the next day starts. But I like to evaluate my day about halfway through. I like to see how everything has played out and then decide what the last half of my day will look like.

That afternoon latte always tastes better than the morning one because in the middle of the day, I actually have time to sit and enjoy it. It’s a treat, not a necessary tool to fuel my energy and make up for my lack of sleep.

Behind the Scenes

I live on lattes, champagne, chocolate, reruns of Friends, and the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel. The Midday Latte ☕️ is my way of organizing and sharing all the different tools I use in my everyday life.

I’ve been with my husband, Mike, for 13 years and married for three. We have a 3-year-old daughter Olivia, a brand new baby girl, Rosalie, a 12-year-old kitty Jack (named after my favorite musician, Jack Johnson), and a 1-year-old puppy Ryder (he was named by the breeder after the Tim McGraw song, Shotgun Rider).

They’re my whole world and the reason I do all that I do.

The Concept

It’s important to make time for yourself, but that can sometimes feel impossible with all of the day to day tasks we have to get done.

With the right routines and organization, we can find more time to focus on what matters; a happy mama and a healthy, thriving family.

I value honesty about #momguilt, the difficulties of parenting, and the stigmas that surround self-value and self-care. As moms, we don’t always usually feel good about focusing on ourselves. We want to give all of our extra time to our family, and especially our children.

But the truth is if we’re always putting ourselves last, we show our children that we don’t value ourselves, we don’t matter. We show them that constant sacrifice is necessary in order to be a good parent. This isn’t a lesson anyone should be learning. Without self-care, many of us become resentful or experience burnout… and then we stop being the parents we want to be.

Self-care is as necessary as water and oxygen. It keeps you healthy and allows you to be your best self.

What You’ll Find

Here’s what you’ll find at The Midday Latte ☕️

The Midday

  • Curation of today’s posts & most recent content

Self Care

  • Healthy Eating
  • Beauty tips/tricks
  • Encouragement for a healthy mind

Love & Family

  • Family Activities
  • Relationship Advice
  • Meal Planning Ideas


  • Positive Quotes & Affirmations
  • Helpful Tips & Advice
  • Reinforcement to Stay Focused & Mindful

House & Home

  • Decorating ideas
  • Renovations/DIY Projects
  • Gardening
  • Cleaning

Struggling with #momguilt?

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