Radical Responsibility vs. Radical Blame

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    Radical Responsibility vs. Radical Blame

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    In this episode, we discuss the concept of radical responsibility, and the importance of accepting the full scope of responsibility in various aspects of life. Highlighting the challenge of distinguishing radical responsibility from radical blame and viewing situations from a perspective of responsibility rather than blame.

    Radical responsibility and radical blame are two sides of the same coin, Neglect is the opposite of responsibility, solved with compassion.

    We also give into the complexities of influencing others’ behaviors, the limitations of control, and the necessity of cooperation in the various systems of which we’re apart. 

    Takeaway Points:

    • Radical responsibility involves accepting the full scope of responsibility in various aspects of life.
    • Distinguish between radical responsibility and radical blame, focusing on a perspective of responsibility.
    • Embrace the idea that neglect is the opposite of responsibility and solved only with compassion.
    • Breaking toxic cycles requires dual energy to break old habits and start new, healthy ones.
    • Understand what you can truly take responsibility for and release what you can’t.

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