Exploring the 5 Steps of Creation

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    Exploring the 5 Steps of Creation

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    In this episode, I discuss the importance of self-awareness and self-awareness practices for personal growth. I will introduce the six stages of healthy self-focus and the five steps of creation, using the example of the Wright brothers to illustrate their application.

    We’ll focus on the significance of self-talk and dialogue with oneself in shaping beliefs and taking action. Also touching on the connection between spirituality, hope, and faith. Gentle reminders to pay attention to the body’s signals and sensations, and the importance of responding with compassion and forgiveness towards oneself are sprinkled throughout.

    I encourage you to trust you body, forgive yourself, and embrace both power and powerlessness to thrive. Testing and proving beliefs through action is key to accessing deeper layers of faith. 

    • Reflect on and validate your own feelings and emotions.

    • Practice self-awareness and self-talk to deepen your understanding of yourself.

    • Explore the six stages of healthy self-focus: self-awareness, self-talk, self-trust, self-control, self-discipline, and self-action. 

    • Apply the five steps of creation: awareness, thought, belief, action, and manifestation. 

    • Take action and repeat actions to bring your beliefs and goals to fruition. 


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