Developing a Healthy Self-Focus Through the Six Stages

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    Developing a Healthy Self-Focus Through the Six Stages

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    In this episode, I discuss the importance of self-awareness in personal growth, identifying six stages of healthy self-focus. I also talk about the need to differentiate between one’s own needs and desires and those projected onto them by others, the importance of trust in oneself, and the ability to control toxic habits and patterns. In this episode, I recommend practicing a ritual that I do personally to keep my own toxic habits and patterns in check. 

    • Practice a ritual to identify and become aware of your own needs and desires. 

    • Engage in self-talk to develop self-trust and clarity in identifying your needs.

    • Exert control over toxic coping mechanisms and toxic patterns of behavior. 

    • Develop discipline through consistent engagement in practices that promote growth and thriving.

    • Deepen your self-awareness through ongoing self-discovery and exploration of deeper layers of awareness in your own human experience. 


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