Month: December 2023


Setting Small Goals is an Act of Self Sabotage

In this episode we go through the importance of setting the right size goals and how small goals can be an act of self-sabotage. The discussion emphasizes the need for goals that are big enough to create urgency and motivation while still being attainable. We explore how setting small goals may lead to procrastination and […]


How Emotional Boundaries Work

In this episode, we go over the importance of setting personal boundaries for healthy emotional processing. We talk about respect in communication, consent to care, and personal space within relationships. And I underscore boundary infringement that occurs when empathy is not consensual. Strengthen emotional boundaries to maintain an inner voice and self-trust. Practice identifying and […]


Healing Happens in the Open

In this episode, I talk about the importance of personal growth and your emotional evolution not being kept private. Admitting to problems and seeking solutions is crucial for healing. I also share my personal experience with yoga, therapy, and healing. I also introduce a three-step problem-solving framework! Open communication, empathy, and respect are vital in […]


Exploring the 5 Steps of Creation

In this episode, I discuss the importance of self-awareness and self-awareness practices for personal growth. I will introduce the six stages of healthy self-focus and the five steps of creation, using the example of the Wright brothers to illustrate their application. We’ll focus on the significance of self-talk and dialogue with oneself in shaping beliefs […]


Developing a Healthy Self-Focus Through the Six Stages

In this episode, I discuss the importance of self-awareness in personal growth, identifying six stages of healthy self-focus. I also talk about the need to differentiate between one’s own needs and desires and those projected onto them by others, the importance of trust in oneself, and the ability to control toxic habits and patterns. In […]


Emotional Healing and Self Discovery

In this episode, I share my personal journey of emotional healing and self-discovery. I started the podcast as a way to express my thoughts and opinions following a difficult time in my life. Through therapy, yoga teacher training, and mindfulness practices, I was able to heal and grow emotionally. I discuss the importance of spirituality, […]

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