Month: April 2023

Self Care

How to Deal with People Who Are Disrespectful in a Relationship

People who are disrespectful in a relationship lack boundaries. Establishing boundaries is usually easier in a new relationship, but what happens when you need boundaries in an existing relationship? New boundaries can be scary to present and enforce especially in long standing relationships. In an effort to avoid awkwardness or disconnection you may try to […]

Self Care

Words of Affirmation that will Improve Your Self-Worth

Self-care always starts with words of affirmation. When you affirm yourself, you begin to make decisions to support that affirmation. When you care about yourself, suddenly your self becomes worth of all that care and attention. Approving of your needs changes your momentum. It’s helpful to keep words of affirmation close by for when you’re […]

Self Care

Learn How to Create Self Care Routines for Mental Health

Are you familiar with the different types of self-care? Do you have your own self-care routine? What’s your relationship with self-care? At The Midday Latte, you’ll find tips, definitions, routine ideas, and more. The Midday Latte offers insight and inspiration for people who struggle to maintain guilt-free self-focus. For people who want to feel happier, […]

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