Words of Affirmation that will Improve Your Self-Worth

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    Words of Affirmation that will Improve Your Self-Worth

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    Self-care always starts with words of affirmation. When you affirm yourself, you begin to make decisions to support that affirmation. When you care about yourself, suddenly your self becomes worth of all that care and attention. Approving of your needs changes your momentum. It’s helpful to keep words of affirmation close by for when you’re struggling with momentum or motivation.

    Our moods can change based on a myriad of circumstances. Practicing reflection journaling and processing your emotions can help you stay prepared for the times you need support.

    Here are 45 words of affirmation examples, including self-affirmations, self-love affirmations, and affirmations for confidence, to incorporate into your self-care routine.

    Self Affirmations

    Words of affirmation to self focus on affirming yourself. Not necessarily love, confidence, encouragement, or direction, but finding the groundedness in just being.

    Sometimes, all you need to do is allow yourself to exist exactly the way you are. Acceptance is powerful. There is no past to reconcile, no future to chase, no problems, hopes, dreams, or aspirations just the acceptance of this very moment.

    Use these affirmations to simply allow yourself to be in the moment. Acknowledge you exist without the past or future weighing on your experience or directing your attention.

    • I am deserving of this time.
    • I am right here.
    • I’m doing this for myself.
    • My self needs me.
    • My needs deserve my attention.
    • I’m worthy of my own valuable time.
    • I deserve to be supported.
    • I deserve help.
    • I’m grateful to have myself.
    • I advocate for myself.
    • I protect myself.
    • I judge myself and I approve.
    • I allow myself space to grow.
    • I listen to myself.
    • I accept myself as I am.

    Affirmations for Self Love

    Self-love is no different than any other kind of healthy love. It takes time to grow and requires nourishment, but it’s glow remains steady and constant.

    When you cultivate a self-love practice, you improve your relationship with yourself and others. A healthy relationship with self first allows us to seek peace and stability.

    • I love myself.
    • I’m worthy of love.
    • I deserve to feel loved by myself and others.
    • I value my relationship with myself.
    • I trust myself to know my needs.
    • I love to hug myself.
    • I offer myself compassion and respect.
    • I deserve to like myself in spite of my imperfections.
    • I deserve to be loved exactly as I am.
    • I’m allowed to have any and all feelings about myself.
    • I offer myself time to get to know me.
    • I’m worthy of grace.
    • I’m worthy of the space outside of my body.
    • I love myself unconditionally.
    • I always forgive myself.

    Affirmations for Self Confidence 

    Words of affirmation are a love language. Affirmations for self-confidence remind you why you’re the best advocate for your own needs. Authentic confidence is a great source of self, artificial confidence can block us from developing a healthy relationship with self and others.

    Practicing a self-care routine and incorporating methods for developing self-awareness allow you to build the self-worth necessary to back healthy confidence.

    • I don’t need anyone’s approval, only their support.
    • I don’t accept judgment I did not ask for.
    • Their opinion is not my business.
    • I know exactly what I’m like.
    • I know who I am.
    • I deserve the things I want.
    • I’m proud of my growth and progress.
    • I’m unique and special but also ordinary.
    • My perspective is valuable.
    • My opinion is important, especially to me.
    • I already have valuable, usable skills.
    • My actions create ripples.
    • My presence is felt.
    • I have power over myself.
    • I have confidence in my inner voice.

    Start Here and then Keep Going

    Words of affirmation are an amazing place to start. Caring for ourselves takes awareness and commitment, which start with how we talk about our priorities. Keeping your self-care at the top of your priority list allows you to cultivate a healthy relationship overtime that will lead to loving microactions. Microactions are the small steps we take daily that build up to the realities we face.

    But words are not enough. Actions are how we love ourselves. Actions are how we love others. When we let the words lead us to the actions, we can participate in exactly the kinds of relationships we desire.

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