Learn How to Create Self Care Routines for Mental Health

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    Learn How to Create Self Care Routines for Mental Health

    self worth and boundaries

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    Are you familiar with the different types of self-care? Do you have your own self-care routine? What’s your relationship with self-care?

    At The Midday Latte, you’ll find tips, definitions, routine ideas, and more. The Midday Latte offers insight and inspiration for people who struggle to maintain guilt-free self-focus. For people who want to feel happier, more empowered, and fulfilled in their pursuit of emotional self-care.

    Self Care Tips for Mental Health

    The purpose of The Midday Latte is to help you gain clarity on your emotional needs and effectively counter the self-judgment and shame that impacts how your needs are met.

    Some self-care tips you’ll find at The Midday Latte include:

    • using affirmations and mantras to manage thought patterns
    • journaling and art therapy for personal reflection and self awareness
    • increasing emotional vocabulary
    • incorporate physical self-care routines
    • practicing healthy communication methods
    • identifying necessary boundaries

    Self-Care Routines

    Your self-care routine will be unique and individual to your needs. We all have different experiences and insights that structure our emotional framework. Getting to know your own emotional framework allows you to identify you feelings, core needs, communicate clearly, and set healthy boundaries.

    Some self-care routine tips you’ll find at The Midday Latte:

    • choose a daily habit and monitor your progress
    • schedule monthly evaluations of your happiness
    • set personal goals
    • learn to maintain interpersonal relationships

    Types of Self Care

    These are the major types of self care focused on at The Midday Latte:

    • Physical
    • Intellectual
    • Emotional
    • Spiritual
    • Home
    • Environmental
    • Relational

    In each area, we will look at how you can best contribute to your own health and wellness. You may not have control over all factors in all areas, but there are things you can incorporate into your self-care routine. If you live in the city, you may need to look a bit farther to find grass to walk on. Planning and attending to each individual area allows you to maintain control over the flow of your routine.

    Alternatively, we can’t stop global warming, but we can make choices to live more sustainably and conscientiously. We can make choices to share information with loved ones about living conscientiously and sustainable. These are examples of environmental self-care. When we admit to our feelings, we can take steps, big or small, to meaningfully respond and care for ourselves.

    Focused on Emotional Self-Care

    The Midday Latte is focused, first, on emotional self-care. Emotional self-care is the foundation of self-worth, confidence, boundaries, and the pursuit of happiness. TML supports finding peace, stability, and the inner strength to maintain it. Through blog posts, podcast episodes, affirmations, deep dive journal questions, yoga and meditation practices, I’ll help you listen closer to your inner voice and find the answers you’re looking for.

    The Pursuit of You is my podcast focused on helping people become happier in their lives. By setting healthy boundaries and improving self-worth, you can build strong, healthy, care communities. Each episode is around 10 minutes with nuggets of information to incorporate into your self-care planning and routines.

    Uncovering feelings and giving them space to breathe takes time and effort. Here, you’re encouraged to spend more time thinking about the dynamics of your everyday life, evaluating the relationships you’re a part of, and doing the internal work that allows you to pursue a happier life. 

    How to be Happier

    Happy is a mood, a state achievable for anyone and everyone. Being happy doesn’t mean you’re never hurt or upset. It doesn’t mean you’ll always reach the outcome you desire. What happy does mean, and what you can expect to focus on here, is having the mental stability to return to balance through turmoil.

    Self-worth Supporting Confidence

    Our self-worth, or self-value, is the foundation of our relationships. The way we respond to feelings and offer compassion extends to the way we respond to other’s feelings and need for compassion. Focusing on building our self-worth allows us to offer greater respect and compassion to ourselves, and to the people we care about.

    With Confidence supported by the knowledge that we are worthy of that which we seek, we connect with people who value healthy independent and interconnected relationships.

    Healthy Relationships

    Our care community is made up of all the people who care about us. Some people in our community are healthy influences, some of them are not. Building a healthy community provides us with support and purpose. We feel worthy of care when we care about other people. When we take care of ourselves, we recognize the care humans need, and our compassion grows.

    Building the right community around you starts with seeing yourself and your needs clearly. Start here.

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