Year: 2022

Self Care

How to Figure Out What Healthy Boundaries Mean for You

Healthy boundaries allow us to find the right people to participate in our care communities. But what does the relationship building process look like and how do we coordinate our relationship building process with others? In other words, how do we figure out and communicate our own healthy boundaries and build strong care communities? One […]

Self Care

How to Manage Emotional Vulnerability

Emotional vulnerability is one of the greatest ways to connect with others, it’s an indiscriminate force. We’re all deeply impacted by vulnerability whether it’s in sharing our own or accessing the vulnerability in others. Fundamentally, it’s how we show our humanness and how we see humanness in others. This can trigger people in a bad […]

Self Care

How to Become Aware of Your Emotional Framework

Understanding our emotional framework allows us to build a healthy self awareness and get our needs met in effective and productive ways. We can build healthier, more sustainable relationships by looking at our emotional framework and understanding how we operate in terms of balancing our needs with the needs of others. Every relationship depends on […]

Self Care

How to Express Our Feelings without Holding Back

Oftentimes when we want to express our feelings, we worry about how they’ll be received. Being in a relationship means concerning yourself with others feelings. If we’re over concerned, or over empathizing, we end up suppressing our own feelings or needs in unhealthy ways. Balancing our feelings, needs, capacity with what someone else needs is […]

Self Care

How to Love Yourself and Be Confident

Love yourself and be confident by first opening up about your feelings and needs. When you’ve existed in a cycle of shame around having feelings, seeing yourself as burdensome for having needs, or consistently feeling invalidated, you may suppress feelings that would otherwise direct you to your authentic needs. Confidence can exist authentically, meaning it […]

Self Care

The 3 Foundational Principles of How to be Happy with Yourself

There are three three foundational principles of how to be happy with yourself. Following these principles will allow you to bring awareness to your true self, explore your needs in a more open and authentic way, and connect with the right people. Each principle relies on personal honesty and commitment to self. When you follow […]

Self Care

5 Ways We Stop Ourselves from Being Happy

Here’s how you can start prioritizing happy. Personal happiness is not our default human state. It takes work, commitment, and self-discipline. Otherwise, we easily give ourselves away to others, much more than we give ourselves to ourselves. Personal discipline allows us to value ourselves—and our own voice—enough to discover our priorities, then protect them with […]

Self Care

Where Have You Put Yourself on the Self-Worth Scale?

Do You Know Your Self-assigned Self-worth? Most of us would say we do. We believe we know our self-worth and we often demand to be treated, paid, or acknowledged in accordance. The problem with tallying up our worth this way is that it’s mostly associated with conflicts, with the value people have assigned to us. […]

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