How Moms Workout at Home

How Moms Workout at Home

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Doing a workout at home is my favorite, because I’m lazy. I mean that in the least annoying way, but routines are hard for me! People who get up and go to a gym 5 days a week or always fit in an early-morning run are amazing, I wish I had the motivation to do that. Since I don’t, I’ve had to find a way to work around my laziness. With three kids, it sometimes feels impossible but I’ve found a few ways to fit home workouts in even without a home gym.

3 Myths About Home Workouts

Myth #1 You need equipment to work out.
Bodyweight workouts are very effective. And they’re great for people who don’t want to spend money. A home gym is not necessary to be healthy, all you need is motivation. Use your body weight to work out anywhere, at any time.

Myth #2 Working out excuses healthy eating.
Healthy eating is an important part of taking care of yourself. Our goals are often measured by sizes, looks, and how others perceive our physical appearance. But health is about the whole person, it doesn’t matter how healthy one piece is if you neglect another. Health depends on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Myth #3 Workouts have to be done in time blocks.
You don’t need to set aside 20 minutes or 45 minutes to get in a home workout. Exercises can be done in small increments so you’re getting in a whole hour of workouts, 5 minutes at a time. Don’t force yourself into creating blocks of time you don’t have.

3 Workouts You Can Do at Home


Easily one of the best and easiest exercises to master squats tone your core, thighs, and butt. They’re great with bodyweight only, but adding in 5lb weights, a baby, or a couple of cans of soup can make squats a more challenging working out.

How to fit them in:

  • 5-10 squats whenever you go to the bathroom
  • 5-10 squats while preparing meals/snacks
  • 5-10 squats before you sit down on the couch, every time
  • 20 squats during commercials
  • 20 squats after putting the kids to bed
  • 20 squats when you change into pjs

Having time for 100 squats at once isn’t the hardest thing, it’s having the energy. Break up your squats by doing 5-10 here and there, throw in 20 every so often and all of a sudden you’ve hit 150 squats for the day.

Wall sit

One of my favorite exercises! I do the wall sit while I’m brushing my teeth. It’s great if you have a toothbrush with a 1-2 minute timer, then you can time your teeth brushing and exercising at the same time. I also do wall sits when I need to hide from my children, because sometimes we need to.

How to fit them in:

  • 1-2 minutes while brushing your teeth (2x a day!)
  • 1 minute while hiding from children
  • 2 minute after children go to bed
  • 2 minute before starting dinner

Wall sits are exhausting but also another great whole body exercise that doesn’t require weights or exercise equipment. Home gyms aren’t required for moms to be healthy and happy!


I like at-home exercises that I can do standing up. With three kids, I need to be able to run from one spot to the next very quickly so being in an upright position is vital to my parental success. Knee-highs are awesome because on low-energy days they can be a lazy exercise and on high-energy days you can add in a little jump to make it extra hard.

How to fit them in:

  • As many as you can do while your child tells you a story
  • 30 while making lunches
  • 10 after grabbing the mail
  • As many as you can while watching tv

Knee highs are so simple which is what makes them easy to fit in. Health doesn’t have to be hard. Fitting in exercise doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

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    3 Rooms to Serve as Your Home Gym

    You don’t need a home gym or a gym membership to be healthy. Creating a routine isn’t about reaching one goal, it’s about maintaining choices. Working out daily doesn’t have to look the same way every time. Workouts at home can be 30 seconds longs. Doing the same thing every day turns it into a habit your body will crave, and getting yourself to crave healthy choices will help you stick to them longer.

    When you don’t have a home gym or space for workouts at home, you can do them anywhere. Three of my favorite rooms are:

    1. Kitchen– I’m always in the kitchen so doing quick squats and knee highs is really easy.
    2. Livingroom– My kids hang out in here most of the time so when I’m in there, I’m not usually relaxing anyway.
    3. Bathroom– My favorite place for squats and wall sits because I’m totally uninterrupted for like 90 seconds.

    Being healthier isn’t about reaching a goal quickly. You don’t have to hurry up and lose 5lbs or 10lbs, just get used to doing squats daily, even if it’s only 5. Then increase your daily count to 10. Each time you do these little exercises, it will encourage you to make more healthy choices. Starting small is a simple way to make changes.

    Set Goals, Forget Numbers

    Maintaining a healthy weight doesn’t have to be about numbers, for me it’s about the goals I set for myself. Certain goals like running upstairs, doing 10 pushups, or 5 pull-ups, was about personal achievement. Getting to a certain size clothing or a number on a scale was about vanity. None of the sizes or numbers represent actual appearances. Taking pride in how our bodies function and operate makes health achievements more personal to us and less about societal acceptance, body image, and beauty standards.

    People who take pride in their emotional, physical, and mental health are always beautiful. Taking care of yourself is attractive so don’t focus on conventional beauty standards, focus on feeling good and building the right routine.

    Three goals you can work toward:

    • 15 regular pushups
    • Running up and down the stairs 3x
    • 15 days of consistent physical activity

    There’s no reason you can’t start your workout routine at home. Taking care of yourself should be about feeling good inside, with your daily decisions and in the ways you treat yourself.

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