A Note to My Dear Family

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    A Note to My Dear Family

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    To My Dearest family,

    Yes, I do know where your other shoe is, yes, I know where the extra light bulbs are, and sure, I saw your favorite t-shirt rolled up in a ball, on the floor, outside of the laundry basket, as I picked out something for dinner from the basement freezer. But I have a hard truth to lay on you. 

    I am not your keeper of things. 

    Maybe that stings a little—I’m sorry *kisses*—because my keeping of things, after all, is love. My quick— and right—responses to, “Where is my…?” makes you feel loved and cared for.

    But, dear family, it makes me feel tired.

    And I really don’t like doing it.

    I do know, but I don’t want to do the digging in my brain when you could just keep track of your things. *gasp* I know! I know, I promise I don’t love you any less. 

    In fact, I love you so much, I’ve put together these tips for you so you can keep track of things just like I do! I am sure you’ll find them helpful, dearest family, but I know you’ll come to me with questions either way. 

    Tip #1 Have a place for your things

    Yes! If you pick one spot and always put the thing back in the one spot, you will always know right where to find it! This is probably my favorite tip of all. 

    Tip #2 Think about what you’re doing while you’re doing it. 

    Now this can apply to any aspect of life, but especially to those moments when you’re taking off your shoes, t-shirt, or favorite hat. Instead of mindlessly multi-tasking and moving from one moment to the next, take a moment to think about where you’re putting the thing.

    Tip #3 Notice things.

    Another tip universally applied, but especially helpful at home. While you’re walking around the house, roaming for snacks, activities, and lost items, notice what you see. Is that your belt on the dining room hutch? Is that your sister’s hat on top of the fridge? Did you see daddy’s favorite shirt on the basement floor? When you notice things, two things happen: you start realizing why things need a place and how sloppy it looks when they don’t, and you too will be able to provide answers to the unending string of, “Where is my…?” 

    Tip #4 Gather your things in advance. 

    You probably know you’re going to leave the house or use a shirt sometime in the next twenty-four hours so why not just find those things now? While you’re watching tv or snacking, maybe check for your hat or the extra light bulbs. When you prepare in advance, you won’t feel so frazzled while you’re searching. 

    Tip #5 Look thoroughly. 

    One reason I am always able to locate things is because I don’t wait for them to jump out at me. I am sure it’s much more convenient when the item presents itself, this has yet to happen to me though so I’ve come accustomed to searching in, around, under, behind. All the places. Keep looking, if you can’t find it, I can assure you it has not walked away. It is there somewhere and if you believe I can find it, then you can too. 

    Please remember, just because I am transitioning the responsibility of tracking your own things to you does not mean I love you any less. In fact, I think this will make us both much happier. 

    Love always, 


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