The 27 Best Foods to Get You Through the Morning Sickness

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    The 27 Best Foods to Get You Through the Morning Sickness

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    Morning sickness can be mild and it can be super intense. With my first pregnancy, I was so sick I needed to get IV fluids until about 10 weeks. I could not hold anything down and literally nothing helped. I lost about 15 pounds before the illness started to slow down. In that case, the best thing you can do is talk to your doctor or midwife and see if there is a prescription or something to help. 

    With my second, I was lucky enough to not get sick at all. That was fantastic! But with my third, I, of course, am experiencing mild morning sickness symptoms. Not so bad I need fluids, but definitely running to the bathroom directly from bed every single morning. 

    To help with my morning sickness, I do a few things. 

    1. Vitamin B6 3 times per day, this was recommended by my NP.

    2. Tums before eating certain foods because I know they could upset my stomach. 

    3. Drinking lots of water, because hydration makes morning sickness So. Much. Worse. 

    In addition to these things, I also make sure I always have certain foods on hand to curb my aversions and satisfy my cravings. One problem most pregnant women probably understand is craving foods one minute and being unable to eat them the very next. It makes grocery shopping difficult and usually results in a lot of waste. I didn’t want to keep wasting food and money so I made a list of foods I was able to eat over and over. That way, even if I felt like I didn’t want to eat, I knew there were foods I could stomach. 

    Best Foods to Overcome Morning Sickness

    Here are the 16 best foods for morning sickness that you’ll be able to eat over and over! 

    • Strawberries
    • Raspberries 
    • Clementines 
    • Watermelon
    • Bananas
    • Apples, sliced 
    • Lemon, for water or just to taste in the early morning to settle the stomach
    • Strawberry banana smoothies 
    • Applesauce, cold 
    • String cheese
    • Pickles
    • A spoonful of peanut butter, add chocolate chips 
    • Wheat Thins 
    • Plain Cheerios, dry  
    • Rice cakes 
    • Cinnamon toast crunch 

    These are foods I can have on hand and rotate when I’m feeling the morning sickness. I can always eat at least one or two of these things. 

    Staying Hydrated 

    It helps to get some food in your stomach as soon as possible in the morning, then you’re able to drink more water and stay hydrated. 

    If the thought of guzzling water makes you sick, here are some things I do to get hydrated: 

    Start the morning with something juicy instead of a drink – I like to have a piece of fruit like a strawberry, clementine, or watermelon. 

    Try hot water with lemon – teas and coffee always make me sick when I’m pregnant but hot water with lemon settles my stomach and is just as relaxing. 

    Chew on ice chips – if you don’t have an ice dispenser with a crush option, just put some cubes in a bag and mash it with a rolling pin. You can also buy bags of ice which usually come in small pieces and chips. 

    After I get used to the idea of something being in my mouth and stomach, I can move on to rice cakes or cereal. 

    Make-ahead Meals  

    When you’re pregnant and subject to food aversions that come as quickly as they go, it’s hard to food shop or prepare foods in advance. I usually love to meal prep, it makes life so much easier! In a normal week, I try to prepare at least one breakfast option, two lunch options, and five dinners. When I’m pregnant, it’s nearly impossible to know what I will be able to stomach 2-3 days from now so I try to stick to bland, simple foods. 

    Here are my 11 favorite make-ahead meals when I’m pregnant. 


    • Smoothies in a bag 
    • Overnight oats 
    • Sausage egg cups 
    • Freezer breakfast sandwiches 
    • Breakfast casserole 
    • Breakfast burritos 


    • Chicken broccoli ziti 
    • Mushroom lasagna (I know this sounds funny but I swear it’s an absolute go-to!)
    • Meatballs 
    • Lemon chicken with rice 
    • Chicken stir fry (make sure you use fresh ginger to help settle your stomach!) 

    All of these meals keep really well in the freezer and heat up as if they were made fresh that day. I can’t always do tomato sauce so sometimes I’ll just eat the meatballs plane or with a little melted mozzarella. The best thing about these meals is that my whole family will eat them so I don’t have to worry about picky eaters. 

    You can find most of these recipes over on my Pinterest boards. They’re all quick, simple, and have minimal ingredients (which also makes them cheap!) 

    Pregnant woman relax doing yoga, sitting in lotus position over white background

    Unconventional Ways I Combat Morning Sickness

    Sometimes anti-nausea meds, B6, and certain foods don’t cut it. If you have kids already and you have morning sickness, staying on the couch all day while nausea passes just isn’t possible. So here are a few things I do to help keep the nausea away and to overcome it when it’s simply unavoidable. 

    1. Exercise daily, even small walks or 50 squats. Anything that gets your pulse up and your blood flowing. Check out what I do for pregnancy exercises here, where I talk about preparing for an unmedicated birth.  

    2. Meditating, I’m a big believer in mind over matter so I will use breathing exercises to overcome nausea or help me gain a few bursts of energy throughout the day.

    3. Get some fresh air, cold air makes me feel the best, but if it can’t be cold, I’ll settle for a nice big inhale of the outside air. 

    Hopefully, your morning sickness doesn’t last too long, but if you’re one of the unlucky ones who happen to experience sickness well into pregnancy, just know that once the baby is born, your appetite will pretty much go back to normal! 

    Good luck mamas and if you have any tips to share on combatting morning sickness, I would love to hear them! 

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