Year: 2019


5 Things I Recommend New Homeowners Do Immediately

The Lists Never End… and they pretty much never will! But it’s totally worth it. Buying a new house is such a big deal. You start with your list of wants and needs while you’re house-hunting. Then you have the list of requirements, documents, and papers needed to close. Once you’ve cleared those hurdles, you’ll […]


We Had a Temper Tantrum Breakthrough! (And here’s what I was doing wrong)

There was a time in the not-so-distant past where I thought my kid was spoiled. If she was told no for *any reason,* she’d have a complete meltdown. It was temper tantrums galore All. The. Time. She’d cry, stomp her feet, start talking back. And let me tell you, she has got quite the attitude […]


Be Stubborn About Your Goals & Flexible About Your Methods

This could apply to just about anything, couldn’t it? You want to raise good kids, you want the dog to not pee inside the house, you want a relationship with your SO full of love and respect. We all want that. Easier said than done though. It’s so important to have goals for yourself and […]

Self Care

Stop Shaving & Start Waxing (with these 7 helpful tips)

It’s Sunday, my favorite day for self care. I work from home on Mondays, which is actually a nice intro to the week; no having to shower and get dressed, no morning commute, coffee in my pjs… But, it is still Monday so Sundays are all about self care and setting my week up right. […]


The Best First-Time Homebuyer Advice You Can get (from me!)

So my husband and I bought our first house this year! Yay! It was a super stressful process, to be honest. I had always imagined I’d be really organized, have a cute little binder with likes & dislikes, I’d walk around the houses slowly, in the daylight, just like they do on House Hunters. 🤩 […]


Raising a Vegetarian Family

“Can my kids be vegan or vegetarian? “ I see this question all the time in my mom’s groups on FB. And there are always varying answers in the comments; from one end of the spectrum, “No, you’re child must eat meat for healthy development,” all the way to the other, “Of course! You do […]

Self Care

Self Care Ideas for The Mind

Typically when we talk about self care it’s centered around our physical bodies or relaxing & quieting our minds. But part of taking care of ourselves is also keeping our minds sharp! That’s easier than ever now that everything is readily available right online (or our tablets, or our phones, or basically anywhere that has […]


How Working Moms Handle House Cleaning

I work full-time so every weekday feels like a mad dash to get things done.  Chores always fall to the back burner. Cleaning the house feels impossible. We wake up at 6 am, go through the whole morning routine; make lunches, pack bags, fill water bottles, doggie daycare drop off, then daycare drop off, and […]

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