10 Beauty Hacks for Summer

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10 Beauty Hacks for Summer

My favorite beauty hacks to help you look and feel gorgeous all summer long!

I love summer! I mean, who doesn’t? The days are longer and warmer. The nights are full of fun. And it’s beach season!! My favorite.  

We recently purchased a 12ft Intex pool from Amazon and I’m really impressed with the quality. My husband and I were super skeptical about this purchase because it was a pool, with a filter, for less than $100… But it’s actually really great. 

So in addition to our usual weekend beach trips, we’ll be lounging at our new pool. That means double the sun and swimming! But also… we’ll now be dealing with dry hair from the salty air at the beach and the chlorine in the pool…

While I *love* how much lighter my hair gets in the summertime… I really *hate* how much drier it gets. It’s like hay sometimes, gross. And my skin too. So dry. So these are a few summer hacks I use to feel good and look good.

The 10 Best Beauty Hacks for Summer

I like to switch out my shampoo, conditioner, and a few other things in the summer to keep my hair and skin feeling healthy and smooth so I’m sharing my list here.

And if you’re a busy mom who’s slacking in the self-care department, these quick and simple summer beauty tips are perfect for you.

1. Shampoo + Conditioner 

My favorite shampoo and condition for beach-dry (or chlorine-dry) hair is from Tresemme. I like Luxurious Moisture. It works so well to bring the lost moisture back to my hair.

When I’m in the shower, I wash my hair first (twice if I’ve used any product) and then I put in the conditioner, wrap my hair and secure it with a clip.

While my hair is conditioning, I shave, scrub, pumice, and do everything except wash my face and body. This lets the conditioner soak in for about 20 minutes and makes my hair super smooth!

Washing my face and body are always the last two things I do in the shower so I can get any conditioner or other product residue off. (I used to have awful acne as a child and this was a recommended trick that’s always seemed to work!)

2. Spray Detangler

In addition to regular conditioner, I use a spray detangler after the pool or beach if I’m not showering right away. Since my hair tends to be dry, adding in extra chemicals like chlorine, or stripping moisture with the saltwater, means I need all the extra conditioning I can get. 

I don’t have a brand preference for detangler but we’ll be purchasing this Fairy Tales Detangling Spray for my older daughter this year since she’s so fortunate to have inherited my dry hair! Because I’m a mom who likes to save, I’ll just use what she uses.

3. Face Lotion with SPF

CeraVe is the best line for skincare. It’s my go-to face wash, lotion, and SPF. I use the hydrating face wash and daily moisturizing lotion year-round.

In the summer, I add the moisturizing SPF30 on top of the moisturizing face lotion. I do love a tan, as I’m sure we all do, but I’m not a fan of sunspots or wrinkles, so I load up in SPF all summer.

4. Self-Tanning Lotion

As I said, I do love a good tan! But the sun can do so much irreversible damage to your skin so I prefer to “fake it.” This is literally one of the best beauty hacks for summer.

I’ve tried spray tans before and I like them, but since I’m a mom and just don’t have a ton of time to get out of the house or keep small people away from my newly sprayed skin, I use a self-tanning lotion at home.

The Jergens In-Shower self-tanner is my favorite. It’s easy to put on, it glides over wet skin after your shower (and before you dry). It’s not sticky and it doesn’t stain towels, clothes, or furniture! Plus the color is natural, not orange, which is the best part, obviously.

5. BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer 

Summer is a time for loose, beachy waves, flowy tops, and natural makeup. It doesn’t matter how good of a makeup artist you are, you can’t make foundation look light… or natural. There are noticeable differences between natural skin and skin with makeup.

In the winter the show white look is totally in season. But in the summertime, it’s time to show off those cute freckles and naturally rosy cheeks!

Don’t behind caked-on foundation. If you need a little coverage for a fancy lunch or a fun date night, try BB cream. It’s like one step above a tinted moisturizer (which is also a great option!) and a little bit thicker. 

It provides the exact amount of coverage I need to keep my skin looking fresh but it’s lightweight with a natural look which is exactly what I want in the summer. 

6. A Good Bronzer 

Another beauty hack for summer makeup! No need for blush or eye shadow—at least I never wear them. I love simply using a highlighter on the sun-kissed spots on my face. 

I add more to my cheekbone and brow areas to give my face a bit of a polished look.  It’s super simple to apply, and you don’t need to carry around all the extra makeup brushes. 

7. Waterproof or Clear Mascara

I personally am not a fan of waterproof mascara but that’s really just because I’m lazy when it comes to my nighttime routine. If you do use waterproof mascara, you need a good makeup remover to take it off.

But with all the extra humidity, and the very likely possibility that I’ll end up by the beach or a pool at any moment, I like to wear makeup that won’t run so of course regular mascara is out for the summer.

Clear mascara is my go-to beauty hack for summer mascara. Since I have my lashes lifted and tinted anyway, (so I can skip mascara most days because, you know, the lazy bedtime routine) clear mascara is all I need. 

8. Tinted Lip balm 

Chapstick’s tinted lip balm is my favorite. The color really stands out. Some tinted balms I’ve used in the past barely show a color. I know it’s just supposed to be a light tint but I want to see a difference when I put it on.

I usually add a lip liner if I’m wearing it at night, just to give it a little extra pop but you could wear it as is, looks great either way. 

9. Beach Hair Salt Spray

Beach hair is the BEST. My favorite. There’s nothing better for styling your hair than spending the day in the salty air and sun. While I love a natural beach hair look on occasion, I can’t do it all summer long because my hair dries out so easily. Instead, I usually shower right after the beach and then use a salt spray to bring back some beachiness. 

You can try making a sea salt spray at home, which would probably save money. But I buy it, it’s just less work for me. The one I used to use has been discontinued, so I’m looking for a new one this year.

10. Foot Cream and Pumice

I always need to use a good, strong, foot cream in the summer. Wearing open-toed shoes, flip flops, sandals, and other kinds of fancy summer shoes, plus walking around barefoot, makes my heels super dry.

I like to use a mint foot cream because I feel like the mint makes it work better. There’s no science behind this, it’s just my experience, but I love mint or mint and green tea creams for keeping my feet looking fresh. They smell good and feel refreshing after a hot, summer day outside. (Especially if you put it on right before getting into bed!) 

Another super-duper must-have beauty hack for summer is the pumice! I use one all year but usually only once or twice a week. During summer months, I use it every single time I shower. The purple pumice scrubbers are amazing. They’ve transformed my feet.

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Beauty Hacks for Summer

So that’s it. Those are my favorite beauty hacks for staying fabulous all summer!

I like to keep it simple and lightweight. Being a mom is hard but we don’t have to let ourselves go. These are some super quick and easy ways we can incorporate beauty and self-care into our routines.

If you have any suggestions for awesome summer beauty hacks, let me know! I love trying out new things so drop a comment and tell me about the beauty products you love for summer. (Especially the easy-peasy hacks for moms!)

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