30 Day Challenge – Take Control of Your Life


30 Day Challenge – Take Control of Your Life

The first time I went to a yoga class was after I found a coupon for a free class in the paper (yes, it was that long ago…) it said the class was free if I brought a friend, so I brought my sister. 

When we were standing in line, she saw someone she had known from highschool who said she was in the middle of “30 Day Yoga.” This was a challenge the studio put on, where if you went to a class every day for 30 days in a row, you’d get a $100 credit on your account for future classes or products from their website. 

I remember thinking how fabulous that was and what a great way to get in shape fast! I mean yeah, that $100 credit was cool. But having the discipline and commitment to go for 30 days in a row sounded awesome! I wanted to be that committed to yoga… or anything. 

Since then, I’ve always wanted to do a 30 Day Yoga challenge. I have trouble making new habits stick so the most days I’ve gone to a class in a row was like three. 

Great Way to Begin a New Habit 

Developing a new habit is actually more about breaking an old one. For instance, if I wanted to start going to the gym after work, it’s not as much about creating the habit of driving to the gym but more quitting the habit of sitting down on the couch every day after work. In order to start being productive, I have to quit being lazy. 

In order to actually commit to and complete my first 30 day challenge, I’m going to quit using my kids as an excuse. Obviously some children are the reason you can’t get something done but my girls are usually easy-going in the morning so I do have time in my day to add in some simple task. 

I like to tell myself I don’t have the capacity to do anything more than what I already do, like writing a post or doing 25 squats when I’m alone with the girls…  but that’s not really true.  

Anyway, committing to a 30-day challenge is a great way to rework your routine. You’ll have to prepare for it and fit it in. 

It requires you to make sure the other parts of your day are organized so it’s a nice segway into creating a new routine. 

When you have a daily routine, creating a new habit becomes as easy as scheduling in the task.

There Can be Real Health Benefits 

If you pick the right challenge, it can really have a healthy impact on your life! 

One of my favorite 30 day challenge ideas right now is social media detoxing. (If you can’t go social media free for 30 days, at least try to limit your time spent to an hour per day.) 

 I don’t know if you’ve ever tried unplugging before but even after one day, I feel amazing. I was able to refocus my priorities and spend my time intentionally. 

It’s amazing how much time social media, emails, and smartphones in general take up from our lives. I think sometimes we don’t even realize how much time we’re spending on our phones. (The screen time tracking on my iphone shocked me!!) 

If you’re worried that you’re making unhealthy decisions or you just want to make better decisions for your mental, physical, or emotional health, a 30 day challenge is the perfect way to reset that activity.

Develop Self-Discipline 

In order to complete a 30 day challenge, you have to do something every single day for 30 days… obviously. I don’t know if that scares anyone else but I’ve never actually completed a 30 day challenge.

Skipping one day means you break the streak and have to start all over. That’s a lot of pressure! 

I’ve recently committed to my own 30 day challenge, so here’s how I plan to make it stick. 

  • Do it first thing in the morning— Get it out of the way before anything else. If I wait all day to do something, I will make excuses to put it off. 

“Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” -Mark Twain

Just get it done. Get it out of the way and the rest will be smooth sailing. 

  • Put a wallpaper reminder on the lock or home screen of your phone— I love to have reminders on my phone screen. Calendar reminders or tasks scheduled in apps can be muted or snoozed and for me, are effectively useless… but a message glaring at me every time I check my phone, that’s a constant reminder that I cannot escape! Sometimes my screen will say “drink more water” and sometimes it’s an inspirational quote or some encouraging phrase. 
  • Small rewards— I want to buy a purse that’s $80 so I decided to earn it by doing a 30 day challenge. I’ll reward myself with $20 every week I complete the challenge, and at the end I’ll get my new purse! Breaking a big goal down into smaller goals helps me avoid getting overwhelmed. When I get overwhelmed I tend to give up before I even start. It’s a whole mindset thing for me. 

I’ve decided to commit to writing a blog post every day for 30 days. I want to get better at writing, I want to get faster, and more importantly, I want to get myself into the mindset of creating new habits and organizing my time. 

Today is day one of the #TML30DayChallenge. If you have any suggestions for 30 day challenges, I’d love for you to leave them in the comments! I plan on doing a challenge every month for the rest of 2019.

Here’s to hoping I end up a better writer, more in control of my social media habits, and exercising consistently.. wish me luck!! 

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