Positive Words to Remind You of Your Worth


Positive Words to Remind You of Your Worth

On the lock screen of my iPhone, I have a quote, “You’re Always One Decision Away From A Totally Different Life”. I read it daily.

It helps to remind me that the decisions I make are what shapes my future. If I’m stuck in a rut and completely unmotivated, I’ll read it over and over.

It reminds me that my inaction is a decision. If I don’t *choose* to do something, I simply won’t get the results I want.

Since I find this kind of thing super motivating, I’ve created some affirmation wallpapers that will hopefully help you change your mindset too!

I believe affirmations are super powerful so if none of these resonate with you, I’d encourage you to hit up Pinterest and find some quotes or affirmations that do.

Now Is The Right Time

There is no “perfectly right” time to do what you want to do. Life always gets in the way.

Responsibilities always get in the way.

People always get in the way.

You have to prioritize yourself and your wants and needs. It’s up to you to create the life you want. Nobody is going to create it for you. And now *is* the right time to start.

You Are More Than What You Can Do For Other People

I think as a mom especially we struggle with this. We think if we aren’t the perfect mom, the perfect wife, the perfect PTA member, the perfect class mom, we’re failing.

So many women feel that their self-worth and their self-value depend on what others think of them. That’s not true.

Your value and your worth depend on how you feel about yourself. You don’t need someone else’s approval to be worthy of respect.

You’re worthy of respect because you exist.

I Decide How I Am Treated

You teach people how to treat you. So however you’re being treated, it’s what you are accepting.

Some people are mean, some people are toxic, and some people are abusive. This doesn’t mean you can change these people, you very likely can’t. But how you are treated in your life is solely dependant on who you allow *into* your life.

Mean, toxic, abusive people need not apply.

If you want to feel valued and worthy, you have to set boundaries.

If someone is not treating you in a way you deserve to be treated, you may have to make difficult choices. Whatever you allow into your life is your decision.

You are allowed to remove someone from your life if they do not respect your boundaries.

Sometimes it’s difficult to remove someone from your life, like an abusive ex that you have children with. But you can choose to take their power away.

You can choose to emotionally disconnect from that person so that their abuse does not affect you. If you struggle with this, that’s perfectly normal. Most people do, so first, admit that you’re struggling. And then you should seek out counseling, support groups, or other means of making peace with an abusive or toxic person in your life.

You get to decide whose words and actions matter to you. You decide how you’re treated.

My Life Is Made Up Of My Choices

I love Tony Robbins, Love. Him. He talks a lot about personal responsibility and resources versus resourcefulness. Knowing the difference can change your life.

You have to make decisions, sometimes hard ones if you want to have a good life.

Whether you’re pursuing a certain career path, creating the family you want, looking to travel, or write a book; everything that happens is a result of your own choices.

It’s imperative that you take responsibility.

You cannot achieve anything without first making the decision to achieve it. And then you have to make choices every single day that will continue to carry you down your path.

You cannot expect optimal outcomes if you’re always making easy decisions. Real success, and real freedom, come from making difficult decisions whenever necessary.

Affirmations & Quotes Are Powerful

Words are powerful. What other people tell us or what we tell ourselves is what shapes our state of mind.

Remind yourself everyday that you are worthy, loved, valuable, and deserve all the things you want to have.

If you want this post with all of these wallpapers emailed to you, just fill out the form below!

Change them out daily, weekly, or monthly. Don’t stop reminding yourself of how worthy you are.

You won’t always be reminded of your value and your worth by others. That doesn’t mean you should forget or that you’re not enough.

It simply means you need to work harder on loving yourself.

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