My Quick Tips for an Easy Mom-Makeover


My Quick Tips for an Easy Mom-Makeover

Are you stuck in a messy bun, no makeup, leggings, a stained or faded t-shirt with uneven, unpainted nails? Yea, me too. Do you want to feel better about yourself? Yea, me too!

Before becoming a mom, I had my nails done every other weekend, in a salon no-less. And got regular haircuts and kept a (sort of) style. I had time to do make up and blow dry my hair. I remember saying to someone once, “You’ll never see me without my nails done.” Ha! My 20-something year old self was a riot.

In the beginning, it’s fine. I was fine with it. The messy bun isn’t that bad, the clothes are comfy, not wearing make up makes my bedtime routines go a lot quicker. So I was totally cool with rocking the ‘mom look’.

When Things Settle and Reality Hits

But then one day, I woke up and my toddler was eating her cereal without my help, my puppy wasn’t running around in a panic, my husband had already finished the dishes and I had time to stand in the bathroom and get a real good look at myself in the mirror. Oh. My. God. I barely recognized the person looking back at me! She was tired….and more than looking like it. Thinking of myself grocery shopping like this, seeing the neighbors like this, seeing my friends like this, ugh!

I am all about being who you are, don’t get me wrong, I totally support not wearing make up if that’s how you’re comfortable. And messy buns are super cute on some people! But I legit looked like a rag-a-muffin who didn’t care about themselves at all and it just didn’t feel good.

So I made some changes, nothing drastic, nothing major. And certainly nothing time consuming. Just some small changes that helped me feel like me again.
If you want to feel better about yourself, here are some quick, easy, mom makeover ideas that you can do (almost) right away.

Get the Mom Cut

This one will require an appointment, that’s why I said “almost right away.” But what you can start doing right away is looking up some hairstyles that you like, check out Pinterest and save some pics of cute cuts that you want to start rocking. Remember to look up cuts that are for your hairtype. If your hair is fine and thin, layers might make your hair look stringy. If your hair is super thick, a pixie cut could be too much styling work for your liking. Include descriptions of your hair in your search, i.e. “hairstyles for fine hair”, “short cuts for thick brown hair,” etc.

Once you have some ideas, get a call into your stylist ASAP. If you don’t have one, ask around for recommendations. I would never go to a stylist without reviews, especially if you’re going for a drastic change. You want recommendations from other people who’ve had great experiences. A good place to ask for suggestions is your local mom’s FB group! Or just a local town facebook group. Mom’s groups are the best though, in my opinion, because it’s all women and typically they’ll share pics of their cuts and styles so you can see the stylists work.

So many people say they want to avoid the mom cut. It’s like the dreaded mini-van purchase, but there is a reason these things are popular among moms! They make life easier. Now I’m not ready to promote mini-vans or anything, I still drive an SUV, but I L.O.V.E my lob (that’s cool person talk for long bob). I have never had hair this short and I really don’t know why I waited so long! It’s super easy to dry, ponytails look adorable, I can throw in some dry shampoo and work off one blow fry for days. I now have an actual style to my hair and it just makes me feel good about myself. I also added in some side bangs which I’ve been loving because they give a little more style to my ponies.

Put on Some Light Make-Up

Like I said above, I enjoyed giving up make-up because I could quickly wash my face before bed, no full-time make up remover routine or anything, no skin treatments, less blemishes. So I’m not advocating for a YouTube video face full of make up. But there are some little things you can do that will make you feel better about yourself.

  • Mascara – pretty easy to put on, super easy to take off. I forgo waterproof because it’s too hard to get off and still leaves residue on occasion. Washable mascara works just fine. And if you don’t want to go too dramatic, opt for a black-brown or straight brown. I like black-brown because my eyebrows are darker but if you have light hair the brown is perfect.
  • Blush– blush is my favorite make up. I think it just brightens every face and it’s so easy. You can rarely mess up blush! Also, it’s one of those make-up options that’s really easy to reapply, you can toss it in your purse and update throughout the day. Plus, super easy to wash off!
  • Tinted Chapstick– I don’t do lipstick. It’s beautiful and some people pull it off so well! But I just don’t think I have the right look for it. I love my tinted lip balms and tinted chapstick. It’s another make-up piece that’s really easy to take anywhere and reapply anytime. And it keeps your lips moisturized so it’s practically good for you! If you’re going to wear lip balm or chapstick, it might as well be tinted.

Make Skin Care a Priority

I was washing my face with the same cleanser I used as a teenager when I became a mom at 30. I was also using the same moisturizer. My skin was starting to look dull, dry, and sometimes even greasy! I remember being in the aisle of CVS one day and a woman who worked there, and advised on skin care, so I should consider buying another moisturizer. I didn’t because I figured she was just trying to sell me something.

But then I had a spa day with my mother and sister. My sister was talking all about the arm and shoulder massage she had included in her facial and I was complaining about how much it hurt when the aesthetician was removing black heads… I asked her if she had to go through that torture and she said no! Her aesthetician told her she had no black heads and great skin, because of that she got a better massage! So I asked her what she uses for skin care.

After that I switched to CeraVe cleanser and moisturizer. The difference it’s made for my skin is amazing! I also started using a scrub to exfoliate once a week. That’s really helped to brighten my skin and make it smoother. I’m not quite ready for the night cream and under eye treatments yet, so this is perfect.

And if you want to throw in some me-time to your skin care routine, make sure you do a mask a few times a month. I like to include makes into my Sunday Self Care routines.

Make Self Care a Priority

The key to making a mom-makeover stick, is by ensuring you keep up your self care habits. It’s easy to forget about our own needs. We have so much going on all the time. But it’s important that we take time to make ourselves feel good. When you put on a new outfit, or get a new haircut, or wear a new pair of shoes, you feel better about yourself! When you take care, you feel better.

If you are start putting off your own self care, it will becomes a habit. Once it becomes a habit, it will feel nearly impossible to make yourself a priority again.

You deserve to feel as good as you make everyone else feel. Little things will add up so start small and keep working on taking care of you. You’ll feel like a brand new person in no time!

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