How to Help Yourself Out of a Funk

How to Help Yourself Out of a Funk

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Take your break, mama. This Sunday I was totally unmotivated. I didn’t want to clean, I didn’t want to do laundry, or prep food for the week. Luckily my husband was on the same page so we just sat on the couch and watched movies and played games with our daughter.

It Was Awesome

There is like so. much. to do. All the time! It never stops. I remember being like 16-18 years old and picturing myself with a husband, a family, a house, a couple family pets. In my mind it was so easy. Everything was perfect and I wasn’t stressed. But, ya know, then you grow up and realize how much work goes into actually having all the things you want in life! It’s non stop work. Not just getting it, but maintaining it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it. I’m so proud of what my husband and I have done together. I’m so thankful for such a great partner who shares in my visions for the future. Life is good. It’s mostly good. We’ve got a decent routine down, we’ve got a good hold of our responsibilities but sometimes we get run down and exhausted.

Sometimes we need a break from the same old every-day, every-week, every-month, routine.

Sometimes we need to give into our lack of motivation and be lazy. That’s not a bad thing to do!

I mean, you’re gonna pay for it later, you know that, but it’s totally worth it, I swear. Bc we broke from our normal routine, the following week was a bananas-&-belvita-bars-rather-than-egg-bites-&-protein-muffins kind of week; sacrifices. 🤷🏼‍♀️


It’s really ok to forgo the Sunday ‘musts’ so you can grab a little couch time, or maybe some hubby cuddles, and a latte.

We definitely needed to recharge and reconnect. And needed to slow down and reflect on all that we had going on. We needed to give ourselves some time and space to realize all that we’d accomplished and all that we had to be thankful for.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything, so every once in a while we trade chores for relaxation. This week, we chose the couch and I’m so glad we did. We got to laugh, hug & kiss, joke around, and talk all day about whatever we wanted. It was some very much needed connection time.

Do It For You

To cap off our fabulous weekend, Sunday night I took a nice long, hot shower. I shaved my legs, deep conditioned my hair, and gave myself a mini-mani. It was the perfect way to wrap up all my weekend relaxation and relish in those last moments of ‘me time’.

When I woke up on Monday I felt completely recharged, well-rested & a little bit more in love with my husband. I realized how much I really needed that time off. I mean I’m not gonna lie, it started off with me just saying “eff this” and choosing to be lazy. The mom guilt was strong but I pushed it down. In retrospect, there was no guilt necessary. This was good for me. And it was good for my family.

Sometimes we’re simply unmotivated to work. We’re just done. It doesn’t matter how good of a routine we’ve developed, it doesn’t matter how much we prepare to be prepared, there will always come a time when we have to stop. Either because we’ve made the conscientious decision to, or because we’ve been so stretched to the max that we’re forced to… that was pretty much what happened.

It’s impossible to run at 100% all of the time. Taking a break sometimes means catching a 30 min tv show, and that’s enough, but sometimes it means taking an entire weekend to chill out and totally neglect our normal routine. (I mean if your budget looks anything like mine, a last minute vacation isn’t in the books so taking back your weekend is the next best thing!)

You deserve it.

You work hard, being lazy once in a while is a good thing.

So listen hard-working, mama. Take. Your Break. Spend your weekend doing nothing, go ahead and act like you’re 20 again! There is *absolutely* nothing wrong with that.

Self-care Staycation: if you actually want to *plan* a nothing weekend (def recommended but not totally necessary), grab this staycation itinerary! I’ve got some great ideas for you to make the most of your time at home. If you’re feeling unmotivated, embrace it. I totally support you.

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