Year: 2019


Parenting Tips and Proof that You Are a Good Mom

Do you ever scroll through Facebook or Instagram, seeing all the perfect (and mostly outdoor) pictures of families, and then start questioning your own parenting? I seriously do this all the time. Those pictures make me feel like a boring, lazy parent. When I would see them I’d worry about, one, how lame my backyard […]


The Secret to Getting Picky Toddlers to Eat Better

The toddler age is so much fun, they start walking and talking. Potty training begins. They move to a big kid bed. So many changes. This is a very special time where you really get to see the world through your kid’s eyes. Watching them learn and grow is amazing! But sometimes… it’s not. This […]


Live Less Out of Habit and More Out of Intent

Living out of intent is definitely something I’ve been struggling with lately. It’s hard when the days basically swallow you up. When you work full-time and have a family, there are all kinds of things pulling you in a million directions. Being intentional feels impossible. I have a hard time reeling myself in and actually […]

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