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    Do you feel guilty addressing your needs?

    The Midday Latte is a support hub of tools and resources to help people who struggle with maintaining a healthy focus on their own needs, who cater too much to the people in their lives, and who are pulling the emotional weight in all their relationships. 

    Are you ready to feel happier, more empowered, and guilt-free in your pursuit of self-love?

    You’re in the right place.

    The purpose of TML is to guide you toward clarity on your needs and then effectively counter the self-judgment and shame that impact how your needs are met. You’ll be empowered to return the guilt and shame projected on to you by unhealthy or toxic relationships.


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    Join an emotional support group to get the validation and guidance you need to move forward.

    $67/mo (limited time!)

    TML Wellness membership

    Recommit to your wellness with yoga, private oracle card readings & intention setting, monthly welcoming rituals & more!

    The Pursuit of You Podcast

    Join me in cultivating healthy self-focus. 

    Build healthy self-discovery practices to help you create more space in your life for joy.

    Learn how to identify and validate your own feelings, communicate them in healthy ways, and build a network of people who will love and respect you in all the ways you deserve. 

    Listen to the trailer for season 2 out January 2024!!

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    Struggling with boundaries?

    Join my 5 day email workshop!

    If you’re feeling drained, tired, unsupported, and like you can’t catch a break, join my 5 day email workshop! 

    I will help you identify your core feelings, set the right boundaries to protect them, and learn how to communicate those boundaries in healthy, effective ways.

    Or get the Boundary-Setting Workbook for only $9

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    Real tasks to help you love yourself.

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      Pursuit of You Podcast



      These short spurts of calming insights are a joy in the morning. A very good place to center yourself and consider ideas of mindfulness when you need to reevaluate what's going on.


      In these short insightful episodes joscelyn helps us to remember that our needs and feelings are a valid part of who we are and how to communicate them in a clear and effective way. An absolute gem.

      find your happy here

      Your comfort, your strength, & your stability await

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