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    Do you struggle with self-focus?

    The Midday Latte is a support hub of tools, resources, and inspiration meant for people who struggle to maintain a healthy self-focus and who want to feel happier, more empowered, and guilt-free in their pursuit of self-care.

    You’re in the right place.

    The purpose of The Midday Latte is to help you gain clarity on your emotional needs and effectively counter the self-judgment and shame that impacts how your needs are met.

    Read on to see everything in store for you here in the TML community.

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      What’s the purpose of this community?

      The Midday Latte is the support hub for finding peace, stability, and most importantly happiness. Here I will share my newsletter, podcast episodes, and deep dive journal questions to help you find the answers you’re looking for. The Pursuit of You is a podcast focused solely on helping people become happier in their lives. By setting healthy boundaries and improving our self-worth, we can build strong, healthy, care communities.

      What can you expect?

      Uncovering our feelings and giving them space to breathe takes intentional effort and time spent on ourselves. At The Midday Latte, you will be encouraged to spend more time thinking about the dynamics of your everyday life, evaluating the relationships you’re a part of, and doing the internal work it takes to pursue a happy life. 

      What does it mean to be happy?

      Happy is a state of stability. Being happy doesn’t mean you’re never hurt or upset. It doesn’t mean you’ll always reach the outcome you desire. What happy does mean, and what you can expect to find pursuing your happy here, is having the mental stability to return to balance.

      What is internal work?

      Internal work is the work we do to uncover personal biases that may block us from releasing our deeper feelings. Often times when we feel ashamed, guilty, or not entitled to have feelings about something, we’ll talk ourselves down or out of releasing them. Suppressing our feelings this way can impact how we value ourselves.

      What is self-worth?

      Our self-worth, or self-value, is the foundation of our relationships. The way we respond to our feelings and allow ourselves compassion extends to the way we respond to others and offer compassion. Focusing on building up our self-worth allows us to offer greater respect and compassion to those we care about.

      What is a care community?

      Our care community is made up of all the people who care about us. Some people in our care community are healthy influences, some of them are toxic influences. Building a strong care community gives us the support we need to be good support to the people we love as well as ourselves.


      Learn to identify and validate your own feelings.


      Communicate your feelings in healthy, productive ways.


      Build a network of people who love and validate you.



      These short spurts of calming insights are a joy in the morning. A very good place to center yourself and consider ideas of mindfulness when you need to reevaluate what's going on.


      In these short insightful episodes joscelyn helps us to remember that our needs and feelings are a valid part of who we are and how to communicate them in a clear and effective way. An absolute gem.

      find your happy here

      Your comfort, your strength, & your stability await

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