good mom

You Are a Good Mom

Whenever I go on FB or IG and see the kind of activities some parents are doing with their kids, it makes me question my own parenting, you know what I mean? My kids are fed, I tell them how amazing they are and that I love them, and I give them tons of hugs and kisses… But I don’t usually think to do special activities with them, like go on a trip to the Children’s Museum or the aquarium or the zoo.


How I Keep My Toddler Busy for Hours

It’s hard to catch 5 min when you’ve got kids running around the house.
And we have SO MUCH to do; Laundry, cleaning, making dinner, helping older kids with homework, cleaning up the mess the dog made, paying bills… I could go on and on but you know, mama, you know.. We’re so busy and how often do we resort to the TV to keep our kids occupied? Probably too often… It’s easy, it’s right there, and the kids actually stay quiet for a sufficient amount of time so we can finish at least 50% of the task at hand. Like how do people not use the TV?